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 The constantly increasing price of gas and electricity makes the search for alternative energy sources for heating their homes and production. The most popular solution is the installation of boilers that you can use almost any kind of fuel. We are not expensive and offers effective materials for fuel – pellets from sunflower husks

 Pellets - one of the most efficient types of solid fuel. Pellets are small granules of the size (Diameter 6 - 8 mm) from a variety of materials. Most often for the manufacture of pellets using sunflower husk, wood or peat.

 Unlike other materials, pellets from sunflower husks – extruded material that produces less smoke and leaves less ash than other handy substance. They are economical and completely ECO-friendly to the environment, unlike fuel, gas, coal and other standard materials for heating.

 The advantages of fuel pellets manufactured by Agroyal:

  • You will receive quality, high calorie food that does not contain impurities (100% sunflower husk);
  • The heat of combustion of the pellet - 4600 kcal/kg; 
  • Post combustion leaves little ash is only 2% of the total load;
  • The moisture content in the fuel pellets from husk of 9%, which allows the use of this fuel in any modern solid fuel boilers.

Sagirov Konstantin

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